The cobbler’s kids get new shoes; SPIRE launches its own new website


SPIREMaybe you’ve heard about the cobbler’s children; it seems that their father was just so busy crafting shoes for other people that his own children’s feet went unshod.

Thomas Douglass, president and chief executive officer of SPIRE Interactive LLC, recognized the father’s folly: What better way to market his wares than to put lovely new shoes on his children’s feet?

Douglass wanted to showcase his company, which provides technology consulting and website development, so its clients can conveniently witness SPIRE’s fine work. As a result, he has launched SPIRE’s new website at

“When they visit our website, SPIRE’s clients and prospective clients will witness immediately the high quality of SPIRE’s work,” Douglass said. “Our new website is an example of the efficient, informative and easily navigable websites that we provide for our clients.

“I understand the cobbler’s plight; sometimes we get so busy that we put off doing work for ourselves. But I think that there is no better way to demonstrate the excellence of SPIRE’s work than to launch a beautiful, functional and exciting website of our own that allows our clients and prospective clients to experience our company’s services.”

SPIRE provides technology consulting and website development for a diverse range of clients ranging from not-for-profits to mid-sized companies and large national organizations in sports, entertainment, education and the insurance and health care industries.

SPIRE’s expertise in nearly all areas of Internet technology – search engine optimization, rich media, online marketing, online education and web application development – allows it to handle its clients’ toughest challenges.